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Comparing other CBD products

We at HempXclusive stand behind our products. Guaranteed with third party laboratory results we can provide to ensure you are getting 99.77% and above pure CBD isolate derived from natural, organically grown Hemp from an industrial Hemp farm in Colorado.

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Our products & lab tests

At HempXclusive the hemp extract is pulverized and refined many times to yield a pure isolate crystalline powder. We do this to make sure that the consumer is getting a safe and superior product that contains nothing more then the CBD molecule.  All of our PURE CBD isolate products contain nothing but the CBD molecule suspended in high quality MCT oil (coconut oil). Products such as our gummies are low sugars, vegan friendly and all natural taste from fructose. Our topical solutions such as salves and creams contain all organic additions such as shea butter, aloe vera, peppermint oil, menthol etc and of course nothing more then CBD isolate.

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With a CBD isolate you are still getting all the health benefits of the molecular compound without any risk, better taste and more universal uses to apply to your daily health regimen. With HempXclusive products the consumer is getting none of what you dont want and more of what you do want.

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