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Meet The Founder

Meet Our Founder and Hear His Passion

Michael Taylor was in his 6th year of practice of alternative holistic medicine when a client/patient came into his practice one day affected with great emotion and passion for CBD, a natural health remedy she had found. She suggested for Michael to look into it as a holistic healer. She then provided Michael with a powerful testimony on how CBD has helped her and he could not help but  listen and be very empathetic.

Doing his due diligence, Michael discovered for himself that CBD is found within all mammalian species naturally. CBD can facilitate with a vast range of ailments such as chronic pain, anxiety and depression, high blood pressure, inflammation and much more. For Michael the next step was to try CBD himself. He too suffered from Chronic pain in lower back, pain in hands from years of performing manual therapy and just like many other creative minds, suffered from bouts of anxiety & depression.

Michael noticed that he was getting relief from the pain within a matter of just a few hours and having great productive days with no depression or anxiety. CBD was now impacting Michaels personal life as well, and his testimony was developing. This was the moment Michael became involved with CBD.

With most CBD on today’s market being full spectrum, containing trace amounts of THC, the psychoactive molecule that can trigger a drug screen Michael was in search for something that all professionals could use to get safe relief without jeopardizing their careers and lives such as his.

Michael founded HempXclusive in October of 2018 using CBD isolate derived from natural Colorado sun grown hemp. The Hemp is organically grown with no herbicides, pesticides or solvents. A Hemp CBD isolate product line that is third party lab tested to show no THC and protect the integrity of purity and superior quality. HempXclusive CBD is vegan and gluten free containing no additives, preservatives or GMO’s .

HempXclusive strives for integrity, transparency and superior quality to its customers who are family.  A beacon in the communities, on a national level and ultimately global. We want to lead our future into healthy self-awareness through educating, providing facts and laws in the Hemp and CBD industries. For further inquiry on HempXclusive please feel free to contact us.