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What Makes Us Xclusive

What Makes Us Xclusive

With there being little to no scrutiny by the FDA there are many CBD companies out there that are “fly by night” so to speak. These companies offer products that are poor quality. loaded with impurities, puzzling labels with dosage and quality of CBD itself being uncertain or full spectrum meaning it contains trace amounts of THC and generally has a disagreeable taste.

HempXclusive provides a natural, clean, pure and superior quality CBD isolate. With many extensive studies being done on the CBD molecule alone and the range of health benefits and ailments it facilitates with, it should not be overlooked when comparing to a full spectrum. HempXclusive uses only the highest quality organically sun grown hemp from one of the four states that requires state-mandated lab test, Colorado.

Additionally, HempXclusive’s CBD undergoes extensive refinement, so our products are isolated down to just the CBD molecule as the name suggest. There are no other ingredients such as THC, just CBD suspended in coconut oil for improved absorption and therapeutic purposes only.

HempXclusive’s CBD isolate allows for users to get large amount of CBD and know exactly how much CBD they are getting. With the products being free of full plant matter material the user is left with a clear, clean product that has no taste, NO THC, vegan and gluten free with no additives, preservatives or GMO’s.                 

This is to ensure the safety of our customers when it comes to drug screening or our mothers implementing into our children’s wellness regimens etc. Customers including but not limited to our armed forces, law enforcement officers and doctors. Leaving the individual feeling safer, more confident and an overall feeling of wellbeing with a pure and potent CBD product line. Welcome to Our Family.